Why Live 65?

Who we are?

Hi I’m Ena Teo, founder of Live65 and a consistent transactor in an award-winning team in ERA.

Here at Live65, we seek to empower our clients to make smart decisions for their home and investment properties; through our decade-long experience in the industry, bespoke planning and astute data analysis.

We believe in prioritising our clients’ needs and interests, delivering a high standard of service by providing speedy and prompt market updates.

How we build your dreams?

Over the years, we have assisted multiple clients to seamlessly transit from one home to their next dream home.

We also customise each home presentation individually to prospective buyers and follow up closely with interested buyers to achieve the best price possible in the shortest time.

Our Strategy

While we market our clients’ homes for sales, we also concurrently plan and analyse options for their next purchase, making sure that we manage the home sales and purchase as seamlessly as possible and see them through the entire asset progression journey.

For first time home buyers, we will be guiding you through the entire purchase journey, providing essential pointers on what first time home owners should look out for, to analyse on value buy properties with higher future capital appreciation and exit strategy.

Our Promise

We understand that the home sales and purchase process can be a daunting one, so we are here to ensure that it’s a smooth process for you.

Once again, I’m Ena Teo from Live65, allow us to assist you to #LoveWhereYouLive. We look forward to taking you on your real estate journey.